This week special $2.00 off any diner, $1.00 off any gyro’s or salad.

Offer good all week 2 pm to close Monday true Saturday Sunday all day.



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  • Lamp chops 4 w/ Greek salad and 2 sides $24.00
  • Lamb shank w/ pasta or rice pilaf and Greek salad $19.00
  • Mixed grill for 2 served w/ 2 Greek salads $32.00
  • Pastichios served w/ Greek salad and one side $16.00
  • Lamb kebob served over rice with Greek salad and choice of vegie. $19.00
  • European Seabass(lavraki) served with Greek salad and Grilled zouccini $20.
  • Beef kebob Tenderloin chunks wit onions and pepers charbroiled to order $19
  • Grek Burger 1/2 lbs 0f angus beef chargrilled to order woth your choice of salad or greek fries $11
  • Bacon Cheese Burger 1/2 lbs of angus beef chargrilled to order with 4 slices of bacon and cheese,with your choice of salad or greek fries. $11